HealthPoint Homeopathy & Counselling Centre specialises in treating adults as well as children in ailments like

The following case examples of the treatments of various diseases have been acquired and published with the full knowledge and consent of the patients involved. These case examples have been published to portray a number of ailments that have been treated at Healthpoint Homeopathy Clinic.

  • Respiratory Conditions
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Stress related issues
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Growing up discomforts in children
  • Pimples, warts and skin conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Bowel Conditions
  • Cycle Irregularities in women
  • Urinary Problems
  • Joint and Bone Conditions

Case 1 : Female, Morning sneezing

30 year old female came for treatment of uncontrollable morning sneezing accompanied by burning and pain in the nose. There was also blockage of nose causing disturbed sleep. She had been suffering for over a year. Within a week she experienced relief in symptoms and in three weeks she was completely free of the problem. Her sleep improved and other premenstrual problems that she had been experiencing also got addressed with the homeopathic remedies since it is a holistic treatment.

Case 2 : Male, Gastric Problem

40 year old male was suffering from severe gastric problems for the past 12 years. He had severe burning in the food tract and extreme bloatedness. He had loud eructations. He was on antacids that he consumed daily. He also experienced headaches and vomiting due to gastric disturbance. With Homeopathic and Biochemic treatment given for a month he not only does not need the antacids but today he can consume normal diet without any discomfort any more

Case 3 : Female, Vaginal discharge & Urinary infection

29 years old female was treated for leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) and urinary infection symptoms that she had been experiencing was past 3 weeks. She was prescribed homeopathic remedies for the above mentioned conditions. She was also prescribed Bach Flower Remedies for disturbed emotional state. Patient was free from the discomforting physical symptoms within one week. She also showed marked improvement at emotional level in 2 weeks time.

Case 4 : Female, Migraine

40 years old female patient was suffering from migraine for more then 20 years. She had headache attacks every 10 to 12 days with nausea and acidic vomiting. She couldn’t sleep because of headaches. With only one homeopathic constitutional medicine dose and biochemic medicines she recovered within 2 weeks time

Case 5 : Female, Severe Headaches

40 year old female experienced severe headache episodes. These were accompanied by vomiting and the patient would not be able to retain any food taken. She was under a lot of work pressure and responsibilities. Her sleep had been compromised greatly. Her normal routine came to a standstill due to her ill health. She went in for scan and all was reported normal. She was then treated homeopathically. Within a week she was free from this condition and she could resume all her work with normalcy.

Case 6 : Female, Anxiety attacks

54 year old female experienced anxiety attacks. She had trembling, headaches and palpitations. She had frequent urge to pass urine and stools. Her sleep was greatly affected. She also had gastric symptoms. She was facing a difficult time . With Homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies her attacks initially became less intense and her sleep was restored. Her confidence was restored and she was able to take decision that was long pending.

Case 7 : Male, Diabetes

45 years old male was diagnosed with borderline diabetes. He wanted to manage his condition homeopathically. He was put on Homeopathic s well as Biochemic Remedies. He was also suggested lifestyle plan for diet as well as exercise. Today he takes his medication regularly and follows the suggested routine. He monitors his blood sugar levels regularly and his diabetes is in control.

Case 8 : Female, Watery eyes

43 years old female was faced with an annoying problem of watering of eyes for a year. She was unable to wear any eye makeup and had to keep wiping the discharge. She had undergone eye examination and no abnormality was found. To her great surprise she was relieved of the symptoms within a week of Homeopathic Medication.

Case 9 : Male, Dryness of hands

27 year old male had extreme dryness on hands due to exposure to chemicals at work. He presented no other symptoms. He was treated homeopathically that restored the normal look of his hands. He also had poor appetite which was also corrected.

Case 10 : Vertigo

24 year old executive was facing a problem of vertigo that was becoming worse day by day. Her appetite too was affected. Within 3 days of treatment she was relieved of the symptoms.

~~ Infants / Babies / Children ~~

As homeopathy has no side effects, it is very safe treatment for infants and babies and works like magic on children.

Case 11 : 6 month baby with running nose

Mother came with her 6 months old baby who had often sneezing and running nose problem for the past 1 ½ months. Due to these symptoms baby couldn’t take his feed properly and became cranky and irritable. Only with minimum dosage of homeopathic medicine he found complete relief.


Case 12 : 2 year child, Phlegmy cough

2 year old child was suffering from phlegmy cough from 2months accompanied with continuous running nose. These symptoms started when the family relocated from other country. Treatment with antibiotics also she didn’t give any relief. But with minimum homeopathic medicine dosage the child was totally free from her lingering cough and cold.


Case 13 : 4 year old girl with disturbed sleep

4 years old girl had disturbed sleep due to various dreams. Child has very shy, fearful and always clinging to her mother. She has habit of grinding her teeth and crying during sleep. Homeopathic medicines along with Bach lower remedies changed her behavior totally within 10 days. Mother was very surprised and happy to see the changes.

Case 14 : 10 year girl, Constipation

10 years old girl came with her mother for treatment of constipation. She had problem with passing stools. Timings were irregular and often she could only go to toilet every 3 to 4 days for the past 2 years. Appetite was very poor too. Within a week she experienced relief in symptoms and in two weeks she was completely free of the problem. She was treated with homeopathy and Bach flower remedies.